CHP unit

Combined heat and power generation from raw biogas or natural gas.

CHP unit produces local energy from biogas

To both existing and new biogas plants, it is possible to install a CHP unit producing local energy from biogas. CHP stands for combined heat and power.

Small and medium-sized CHP units are manufactured by our German partner, 2G Energy AG. Gas engines and generators produced by 2G Energy are of the highest quality and have a high overall efficiency of up to 85 % for biogas (over 90 % for natural gas).


Renewable energy with CHP unit

2G CHP equipment is based on optimized gas engine and generator combinations, where the heat generated in addition to the electricity is recovered for further utilization. 2G product range covers 20 to 4,000 kW CHP units.

The CHP unit is a great addition to the biogas plant, as it ensures reliable heat and electricity production even during a power outage. The electricity produced by CHP can also be sold forward and thereby additional income is generated. 

Benefits of 2G CHP unit include:

  • Top-quality
  • High overall efficiency
  • Container solution; easy delivery, quick installation and commissioning
  • Enables energy self-sufficiency and renewable electricity sale
  • Enables heating of biogas reactors without a separate heat source
  • Works as a backup power system in case of power failure
  • Low-emission


Take advantage of the feed-in tariff and improve the profitability of your biogas plant

Feed-in tariffs for renewable energy production – for electricity produced with CHP unit and in some cases for heat, as well – are available in several countries. Contact us to find out how much CHP acquisition and tariff utilization can improve the profitability of your new biogas plant investment or existing plant!

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