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We deliver biomethane and biogas plants on a turnkey basis, taking care of every aspect of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).

Biomethane and biogas plants & technologies

The global need for biogas and biomethane is rapidly increasing among the need for other sustainable energy resources. Designing and building a biogas plant can be complex, if you are trying to find the best solutions and technologies for your specific need. There are a lot of biogas technology providers on the market, but we can take care, and also take the responsibility, of the prjoject as a whole. Biogas plant project is quite complex challenge on your own with multiple technologies, which are needed to work seamlessly together, and for a long time. Our goal is to help you with these challenges, to make them a great possibility, and to grow your business efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.

Biovoima offers also own cost-efficient technologies and solutions for biomethane production, grid injection and logistics, and also solutions for biogas production.

Biomethane and biogas plants & technologies

What do we do

General contractor for biomethane and biogas plants

General contractor for biomethane and biogas plants

Turn organic waste and side streams into revenue by cost-effectively converting them into renewable energy and fertilizers. We deliver biomethane and biogas plants for this purpose on a turnkey basis.

EPC contracting on biogas projects
Biogas technology and equipment

We boost your profitability with custom-built solutions

We can also help you to upgrade your biogas plant. Biovoima has several own technology for biomethane and biogas production. Nevertheless, we are a technology- neutral operator, which means that we will always find the best equipment for your needs. Our experts will find the optimal solution from the profitability and sustainability point of view.

Biogas tecnology and equipment
We boost your profitability with custom-built solutions

Maintenance and operation services

Maintenance and operation services

We help you to maximize your biogas plant’s energy output and useful life by looking after it every day of its lifecycle.

Our professionals are on hand to help you to operate and service your plant, or you can just leave it all to us!

Operation and maintenance services

Check out the video of the biomethane plant in Tallinn.

What are Biovoima’s strengths?

Turnkey solutions of the highest standard

As well as being an EPC contractor, we also supply individual components and technologies related to biogas production.

Technology integration

We are experts at integrating components and technologies into high-performing systems.

Lifecycle management

We will hold your hand every step of the way from design to commissioning and to operating and servicing your plant.

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