Biovoima as a company

We deliver biogas plants on a turnkey basis, from engineering to commissioning and operation.

Turnkey provider and technology integrator in the field of biogas.

Biovoima is a private owned cleantech company based in Jyväskylä Finland. We work as a turnkey provider and technology integrator in designing and managing biogas plant projects with specific feed stock and goals of profitability and sustainability. As an EPC Contractor we take care of engineering, procurement and construction of biogas plants. We also take care of the maintenance of the plant and helping in operation, as well as modernization the plants already in operation. Besides our home country Finland, we operate also in other Northern Europe countries such as Norway and Baltics.

To grow and succeed with our people and customers in this field of biogas and biomethane we have brightened our mission, vision and values.

Mission - why Biovoima excists?

BIOVOIMA 4 WINS (win-win-win-win)

  • Customer
  • Environment
  • People around
  • Next generations

Our mission is to build and develop sustainable energy infrastucture, where all four wins. We create greener future for the following generations by understanding that our customers, employees and partners needs to success so that we success as a company. Our way of business operations is sustainable so that it promotes the wellbeing of the environment and all the stakeholders.

Vision - Where are we heading?

We will grow for the largest biomethane solutions provider in the Northern Europe and internationally respected partner and employer in the biogas field. We are recognized for the quality in our projects, service and operations as well as for the great spirit on them.

We at Biovoima see the future, where renewable energy is the primary source for electricity. Therefore we will diversify the methods by the World produces, delivers and consumes green energy. All this will create sustainable economic growth and success to our customers, which is our most important goal. Global emissions will decrease automatically as a side result, which will slow down climate change and improve the quality of life globally. The bigger we grow, the greater the positive impact will be.

Our vision is to strengthen our position in the sustainable energy field in the Baltics and Scandinavia. For our product development and expansion we will strengthen our position also in larger Europe by 2030´s. In the 2030´s we will expand our operations outside Europe, especially to the developing market.

We will reach our goals by committing in co-operation, social responsibility and ongoing development. We want to be recognized for the high quality operations, which is the result of setting the customer value as our priority, the best technological solutionsmaintenance and operations services. When we emphasize these, only the sky is the limit on what we can achieve!

Values - Guide our operations.


  • For our customers
  • For each other and each other´s work
  • For ourselves and own work
  • For schedule


  • To take and give responsibility
  • To succeed


  • We work transparent
  • We admit our mistakes with out reserve
  • We react on others´ mistakes constructively
  • We learn from mistakes and find the right solutions together


  • We build solutions that reduces carbon footprint
  • We choose the best technology based on sustainability

Why co-operate with Biovoima?

Technology integrator

We choose the best possible technology solutions to integrate optimally, based on customers feed stock and needs, always from the profitability  point of view.

Your EPC partner all the way from design to operation

We work for and take the responsibility of the whole project from design work to maintenance and opration of the plant.

Sustainability and profitability

The meaning of the biogas plant is to operate optimally both from the environmental and economic investment point of view through the life cycle of the plant.

Contact me for more information about biogas plants!

Jani Kangasaho

Jani Kangasaho

Sales Director, Partner

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