Biomethane filling station

Upgraded biogas is used as transport fuel for passenger cars and heavy vehicles and distributed at the biomethane filling stations.

Biomethane filling station for passenger cars and heavy vehicles

The biomethane filling station is used for the distribution of upgraded biogas i.e. biomethane as transport fuel. At the filling station, both passenger cars and heavy vehicles can be filled up with biomethane. Refueling a gas car is just as easy as refueling a petrol car or a diesel car.

Filling up a gas car at the biomethane filling station is easy.

Gas filling stations are responding to the growing demand for gas cars

Biomethane filling units consist of standard modules that can be placed and designed according to the customer needs. Refueling capacity is tailored to the regional demand and can be further scaled up by increasing the number of gas storages and fuel dispensers, in case the demand increases. The filling station can be built on a separate site or installed in connection with an existing filling station.

If the biomethane filling station does not come in connection with the biogas plant, read more about gas logistics solutions.

Low-emission and affordable fuel for transport

Biomethane is an affordable fuel with high energy content. The same amount of energy and thus the number of kilometers traveled by the gas car is currently achieved with about 30 % lower fuel costs compared to the petrol vehicle. In addition, biomethane is 100 % renewable, thus, a carbon-neutral fuel, and its combustion process is completely free of particulate matter.

Gas station complete solution starting from gas pressurization

Gas filling stations delivered by Biovoima can be supplied as a technology delivery or a turnkey solution. The delivery package covers, if necessary, the entire process of producing, upgrading, pressurizing and storing gas up to fuel dispensers, payment terminals and installations.

In biomethane filling stations, Biovoima’s partner is an italian company with over 40 years of experience and over 1000 references in gas pressurization and gas filling station deliveries.

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Biomethane filling stations in Europe

You can find all European CNG & LNG stations in this map.

CNG & LNG (biomethane) filling stations in Europe.

Map is updated by NGVA Europe.