The first Biovoima’s gas grid injection unit was delivered to customer, Biometaan OÜ to Viljandi, Estonia already in October 2019. The solution helped the customer to sell biogas to gas grid among its own local use, which was the case earlier.

For biomethane grid injection, Biovoima has developed its own container-based solution that accurately regulates the pressure of the biomethane according to the gas network requirements and then injects it to the gas grid. The grid connection unit also enables gas odorization and the measurement of the quality and quantity of commercial gas supplied as well as the billing of the network company on that basis.

Biomethane can be injected into the gas grid immediately after the biogas upgrading, or if the gas grid passes far from the biogas plant, the biomethane can be transported there either by a pipeline or a high pressure gas transportation container. Grid connection unit can also be used for gas pressure reduction in applications other than gas grid injection.

The gas grid injection unit in Viljandi, Estonia was designed and delivered for gas pressure reduction and gas grid injection with the capacity of 300 Nm3/h and with the measurement of the quality and quantity of gas and control automation.

More information of the project:

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