Biovoima will deliver a significant biogas plant to Voss, in Bergen area in Norway. Construction and equipment installations is scheduled to start in 2024. When completed, the facility will process annually 15 000 tons of organic municipal and household waste from the Bergen economic area and 40 000 tons of cattle manure. The end product is biomethane, which replaces fossil fuels in industry. Biofertilizer suitable for soil improvement is also produced as a by-product.

The facility is invested by BIR AS, which is one of Norway’s largest waste management companies, responsible for the waste management of nearly 400 000 residents in seven different municipalities in the Bergen economic area.

According to Aslak Sverdrup, chairman of the board of BIR AS, Biovoima was chosen in terms of the project goal. “We have carried out very thorough studies of the biogas plants operating in the Nordic countries and also visited several plants on site that operate with the same technology as the plant ordered from us now. Biovoima provides us with an innovative overall solution focused on the future, and in our selection we have emphasized in particular that the plant entity is capable of producing us high-quality biogas. Also the requirements for biofertilizer must be at a cleaner level than what the current regulations require of us. With the help of the overall solution offered, we are also able to ensure good profitability in the long term. This project is strategically important for BIR AS and also in line with the group’s strategy.”

The biogas plant will be ready for use at the beginning of 2026. In Norway, the tightening requirements for the separate collection of household organic waste will accelerate the construction of similar facilities significantly in the future as well.

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