A Finnish wastewater treatment plant by Pieksämäen Vesi Oy is starting its operation. An important part of the starting process includes transfering a microbe strain in to the reactor, which will the start to scatter the organic waste and produce biogas, which will will be collected and utilized for electricity and heat.

In addition to its own sewage treatment plant sludge, the biogas plant treats sewage sludge from other plants as well as grease sludge. The amount of feeds for the plant is about 6000tn / year.

100% renewable biogas produced by the plant generates electricity and heat using combined heat and power (CHP) -unit. The annual electricity received from the CHP unit is 820 MWh and the heat 984 MWh. The amount of energy is sufficient to cover the energy needs of the wastewater treatment plant and the biogas plant, and it is also possible to supply electricity to the grid.

More information:

Tero Kemppi, Suomen Biovoima Oy
+358 50 4087100