Biovoima supplies the BIOupgrade CH4 – biogas to biomethane upgrading unit, based on membrane technology, to Nevel Oy’s biogas plant in Forssa, Finland as a turnkey project. This gas upgrading unit will be one of the largest biomethane upgrading units in Finland in terms of capacity. At the Forssa plant, biogas produced from bio-waste and sewage sludge will be refined into biomethane for vehicle fueling and industrial needs. The system will be operational by spring 2025.

Biovoima’s BIOupgrade CH4 gas upgrading unit is an automatic solution that can be remotely monitored and controlled, enabling efficient gas upgrading to a methane concentration of over 99%.

“We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Nevel Oy, one of the leading players in the field in Finland. We believe this partnership will further increase the demand for BIOupgradeCH4 upgrading solution, and we are pleased to be able to deliver our upgrading units quickly and handle their maintenance as well,” says Biovoima’s CEO Eero Tilsala. The BIOupgrade CH4upgrading units are designed and manufactured in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Nevel Oy is an energy company focused on renewable energy production and improving energy efficiency. Nevel has an annual turnover of over 150 million euros, operates more than 130 energy production plants, and manages over 40 district heating networks. The company produces 1.9 TWh of energy annually, equivalent to heating 100,000 households per year. Nevel aims to promote sustainable energy and reduce environmental impacts. Nevel’s operations include wind power, solar power, and biogas production.

For more information, please contact:

Mikko Bengts

Sales Manager, Suomen Biovoima Oy

+358 50 5490882

Hanna Viita

Director, Sustainability and Communications, Nevel Oy

+358 40 167 1755