Biovoima continues to strengthen its team on the Polish market to meet the needs of customers in the country. The ranks are strengthened by Agnieszka Wiktorowicz, who for eight years was close to the industry working in the Polish industry magazine – Biomasa Magazine – focusing on the challenges of the biogas, biomethane and biomass industries.

“Time for biogas and biomethane are the slogans widely promoted in the industry. But if not now, when? This is the best option for the self-sufficiency of the plant, additionally giving a sense of real impact on the environment. Currently, the most difficult thing is to orient yourself in the environment. I am glad that I have joined the team of specialists who put together all the elements of the biogas and biomethane puzzle in the best way so that it creates an efficient installation. At the same time, as the Polish part of Biovoima, I hope to continue to participate in the challenges of the biogas industry. This time, looking for solutions together with you and the team” says Wiktorowicz.

Biomethane technology for the high demand in Poland

Due to geopolitical circumstances, there is a significant need in Poland to invest in domestic biogas production, especially biomethane for industrial or heavy transportation use. Biomethane is processed by refining raw biogas.

“We have developed our own technological biomethane solutions which will help to increase the biomethane production and utilization also in Poland,” says Jani Kangasaho, Biovoima’s Sales Director.

“Cost-efficient turnkey biomethane solutions from Biovoima include BIOupgrade – biogas to biomethane upgrading solution, BIOlogistic – gas transportation containers and BIOadapter – gas grid injection solution, all offered with a great possibility of maintenance services, BIOservice” states Kangasaho.

Biovoima is a turnkey technology provider and integrator as well as a general contractor for new and modernization plant projects related to biomethane and biogas. Biovoima also offers maintenance and operations services for plants as well as logistics and distribution solutions related to biomethane.

For more information, please contact:

Jani Kangasaho

Sales Director, Partner

+358 50 468 7907

Agnieszka Wiktorowicz

Sales, Poland