During the recently concluded fiscal year (1.3.2023-31.12.2023), Biovoima has made a remarkable growth, with its revenue and workforce have been doubled. The turnover surpassed 7 million euros, and the staff strength increased to over twenty people. For the current fiscal year, Biovoima aims to achieve a turnover exceeding 15 million euros, and recruitment efforts will continue.

Biovoima has decided to expand its operations into the Polish market, driven by the high demand for renewable biogas and refined biomethane. For now, Biovoima has operated in Finland, Norway and the Baltic countries.

High demand for biomethane in Poland

Poland has heavily relied on natural gas from Russia. Due to geopolitical circumstances, there is a significant need in Poland to invest in domestic biogas production, especially biomethane. Biomethane is processed from biogas by removing carbon dioxide during the production process, resulting in a final product chemically similar to natural gas. Biogas can be produced from organic waste, agricultural manure and by-products, as well as food-related biowaste and sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

The green transition has fueled demand for Biovoima’s products and services, as Poland seeks to replace coal usage with environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production methods. Additionally, emissions requirements in agriculture create demand for biogas and biomethane production.

“We have been monitoring and researching the Polish market for some time. There is incredible potential, and it seems there is now political will for the necessary legislative changes. We have developed our own technological solutions specifically targeting the Polish market,” commented Jani Kangasaho, Biovoima’s Sales Director.

Expertise and own technology to Poland

In line with its growth strategy, Biovoima is strengthening its presence in Poland by investing in local expertise and partnerships. Przemyslaw Kowalski, a Polish professional with extensive experience in the biogas industry, has joined Biovoima as a Sales Engineer, and additional resources are currently being assessed.

Kowalski sees great opportunities in Poland for Biovoima. “Poland has one of the biggest biomethane potentials in EU countries. Yet – at this very moment – the amount of this gas injected into the grid equals to zero. Biovoima has the neccessary experience and resources to change that and help customers profit from new, future-proof ways of using biogas. I’d like to use my professional background and network to catalyse implementation of biogas related solutions in target industries such as agriculture, communal waste and sewage or heating sector. Biogas is a step down the path to resilience and sustainability. On this path you can convert biogas – to biomethane, to CNG, to BioLNG. These enable for powering transport or build virtual gas pipes. Viable hydrogen generation from bio waste is on the horizon. In the era of weather dependant energy sources like PV or wind, biogas delivers much needed stability. Biovoima has all one needs to work with: true vision, great team with support and trust, pragmatic and creative approach to solutions.”

Biovoima sees significant potential in offering energy solutions and expertise based on biogas and biomethane production in the Polish market. Poland is estimated to require the construction of thousands of biogas plants in the coming years. Biovoima offers complete solutions for biogas and biomethane plant projects, especially tailored for agriculture, separately collected biowaste, and various organic by-products. In addition to complete plant projects, there is a substantial demand in the Polish market for Biovoima’s in-house product development solutions, such as biogas upgrading to biomethane, site integrations, and gas logistics. In accordance with the sustainability and life cycle model of facility and technology solutions, maintenance and operation services are also offered to customers.

Biovoima is a general contractor and technology integrator in biogas and biomethane plant projects, plant modernizations, as well as logistics and distribution solutions related to biomethane.


For more information, please contact:

Jani Kangasaho

Sales Director, Partner

+358 50 468 7907



Przemyslaw Kowalski

Sales Engineer, Poland

+48 668 826 500