Biovoima has delivered a biogas upgrading unit to Biosairila biogas plant in Mikkeli, Finland in 2020. PSA (PSA = Pressure Swing Adsorption) biogas upgrading unit is needed for upgrading biogas suitable for car engine (CNG).

In addition to methane, raw biogas typically contains about 35-40 % carbon dioxide, as well as small amounts of water, nitrogen, oxygen and impurities. For biogas to be used, for example, in a car engine, most of these gases must be removed before being pressurized and used as transport fuel. It means that the gas treatment is needed.

Biogas upgrading unit is a solution to produce high-quality biomethane out of raw biogas. Upgraded biomethane is similar to natural gas and it can be used as vehicle fuel and injected into the natural gas grid.

With the robust and market-leading PSA and membrane upgrading technologies represented by Biovoima, even the highest gas quality requirements are met without any chemical or water utilization.


More information of the project:

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