Biovoima (Suomen Biovoima Oy) is strongly involved in energy transition in the Baltic region. The biggest proof so far is the Maardu biogas plant in Estonia, which has started its operation in the spring 2023.  The plant is the first biogas plant in the entire Baltics to handle household and commercial biowaste, being mostly food waste. The plant treats a major part of the biowaste formed in the Tallinn area, producing biomethane for the natural gas network and fuel for the CNG-powered vehicles, such as public bus transportation in Tallinn. Globally, this fully renewable fuel has a significant role in replacement of fossil fuels. Biofertilizer for land improvement is also produced as a by-product. Biovoima has done the project as part of BioWoima Finland, which is owned by three companies: Suomen Biovoima Oy, Prohoc Oy ja Wel-Mach Oy. Maardu biogas plant is already producing biogas which is processed to biomethane utilized to public transportation.


  • Customer: EKT Ecobio
  • One of the largest biogas projects in Estonia
  • EPC-project by BioWoima Finland Oy
  • EUCO® Titan – Plant
  • Dry digestion process technology EUCO® and wet digestion process technology COCCUS®
  • Biogas outcome: 30 GWh biogas
  • Biogas utilization: processing to biomethane to gas grid
  • Digestate utilization: high standard, low odor and environment friendly fertilizer for agriculture
  • Feedstock 24 000 t/year: household and commercial biowaste


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More information about the project and the solution:

Jani Kangasaho
Sales Director, Suomen Biovoima Oy
+358 50 468 7907