Biovoima has supplied biomethane logistic solutions, BIOlogistic CH4 gas transportation containers to customer Sorpa, located in Reykjavik, Iceland. The project was completed ahead of schedule in the end of February 2024. Sorpa was supplied the total of five gas transportation containers from Biovoima.

High-pressure gas transfer containers are a cost-effective solution when biogas upgraded to biomethane needs to be transported outside the biogas plant for gas utilization. Biomethane can be transported either to industrial plants using biogas for process energy production, to be injected to the natural gas grid or to a gas filling station, depending on the need and the location.

Investment for gas transportation containers will increase logistic efficiency and reduce traffic emissions

Sorpa is using the gas transportation containers for its industrial customers transporting biomethane. Mechanical- and energy engineer of Sorpa, Thorleifur Thorbjörnsson says the new containers will reduce the need of transportations by 250 % due to higher gas capacity of the containers. The change will increase the efficiency of the logistics and obviously also have a positive effect on the environment due to emissions reduction.

Four of the five gas transportation containers are made of very light but considerably cheaper fiberglass instead of expensive carbon fiber. These lightweight type IV gas transportation containers allow a large amount of CNG to be transported with minimum container mass and maximum safety. When pressurized, the gas volume is about 250-300 times lower than gas in atmospheric pressure. One of the containers is based on steel cylinders. The type I high-pressure gas transfer container achieve the most affordable investment cost for short distance transportation compared to lighter solutions.

Continuous co-operation and the growing need for biomethane

Thorbjörnsson sees the co-operation with Biovoima has worked out very well and emphasizes it has been great to have found a partner which can take care of their needs as a whole. Sorpa is responding to the growing demand for biogas in Iceland, especially for industrial users. According to Þorbjörnsson, Reykjavik area has also a great potential for utilizing biogas due to its agriculture and fish industry. Sorpa is the waste management company for the Reykjavik area and operates the only biogas plant so far, in Iceland. Sorpa is a customer to Biovoima since 2022 and have ordered similar solutions from Biovoima for the transfer of biomethane to different locations.

SORPA is owned by six municipalities; Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, Garðabær, Mosfellsbær and Seltjarnarnes. SORPA’s task is to take care of the waste management of the area and thus also fulfill the statutory obligations of the municipalities. It includes the operation of the receiving and sorting facilities, landfill, gas and natural gas facilities, as well as six recycling facilities, which are used under the service agreement with the municipalities.

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