General Contractor and Technology Integrator in Biogas and Biomethane

We deliver biogas plants on a turnkey basis, from engineering to commissioning and operation.

Cost-effective one-stop shop — from plant design to gas distribution

A biogas plant consists of many different components, and our priority is always to identify the technologies, that best meet the customer’s needs and to make them work seamlessly together. There is no one technology that suits all, and every case is different. We deliver plants on a turnkey basis, from engineering to commissioning and operation.

We work as general contractor in designing and managing biogas plant projects with specific feed stock and goals of profitability and sustainability. As an EPC Contractor we take care of engineering, procurement and construction of biogas plants. We also take care of the maintenance of the plant and helping in operation, as well as modernization the plants already in operation. Besides our home country Finland, we operate also in other Northern Europe countries such as Norway, Baltics and Poland.

Biogas plants – a way to turn organic waste and side streams into revenue

Biogas plants have the ability to turn the organic waste and side streams into revenue by cost-effectively converting them into renewable energy and biofertilizers. The products can be used to generate electricity or heat or processed further to make biomethane, which can be used as a transportation fuel or as a substitute for fossil gas in natural gas networks. The opportunities for scaling are practically endless.

Biovoima´s expertise in biogas and biomethane

Case Maardu, Tallinn Area, Estonia

  • Customer: EKT Ecobio 2023
  • Location: Tallinn Area, Maardu, Estonia
  • Feedstock: 24 000 t / year household and commercial biowaste
  • Biogas outcome: 30 GWh
  • By-product: Biofertilize suitable for soil improvement
  • Plant produces biomethane for the natural gas network and fuel for the CNG-powered vehicles, such as public bus transportation in Tallinn.

Video from the Tallinn biomethane plant:

Why co-operate with Biovoima?

Technology-neutral integrator

We choose the best possible technology solutions to integrate optimally, based on customers feed stock and needs, always from the profitability  point of view.

Your EPC partner all the way from design to operation

We work for and take the responsibility of the whole project from design work to maintenance and operation of the plant.

Sustainability and profitability

The meaning of the biogas plant is to operate optimally both from the environmental and economic investment point of view, through the life cycle of the plant.

Profitability of a biogas plant

An investment in a biogas plant can pay itself back in a couple of years. There are, however, many factors at play, including the following:

  • Reception of the material to be fed, i.e. gate fees
  • Savings in processing costs
  • Gas-generating properties of the feedstocks
  • Applications for the end product and the revenue they generate
  • Revenue streams and/or savings from the use of the end product as a fertilizer
  • Choice of technology and energy efficiency of the plant

Case Pieksämäki, Finland

  • Customer: Pieksämäen Vesi Oy 2023, Pieksämäki, Finland
  • Feedstock: 6 000 t / year sewage treatment plant sludge
  • Biogas outcome: 1,8 GWh
  • By-product: Biofertilizer suitable for soil improvement
  • 100% renewable biogas produced by the plant generates electricity and heat for the whole water treatment plant
  • Heat and power is produced by using combined heat and power (CHP) – unit

Video from the Pieksämäki biogas plant:

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Jani Kangasaho

Jani Kangasaho

Sales Director, Partner